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Topics being investigated

Immune checkpoint targeted therapy

  • identification of new innate and adaptive immune checkpoints
  • development of mono and bispecific checkpoint targeting antibodies
  • development of DC fusions

Pre-clinical Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) therapy development

  • designing novel CAR-T constructs for T and B cell lymphoma and AML
  • delineating TME impact on CAR-T in B cell lymphoma
  • delineating impact of preconditioning on CAR-T cell activity in B cell lymphoma
  • designing alternate CAR effector cell therapies for B and T cell lymphoma
  • improve CAR T-cell activation and function by non-lethal irradiation of tumor cells or by applying epigenetic modifiers

Clinical Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) therapy development and translational studies

  • perform the phase II non-inferiority HOVON161 trial comparing ARI-0001 CAR-T vs. Yescarta
  • set-up and perform phase I CAR-T studies for T or B cell lymphoma
  • perform molecular imaging trials to study the behaviour of CAR T-cells and the tumour micro-environment within the patient
  • perform smart-tool diagnostic studies for the early detection of CAR T-cell therapy-related adverse events

Targeting the sugar coat of cancer

  • identification of cancer glycosylation patterns predicting for therapy resistance
  • identification of immune glycosylation patters associating with anti-cancer activity
  • implementing glyco-engineering to improve CAR-based therapy

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